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Moe Hamdan

Moe Hamdan

Founder and Data Consultant

“Hello there! I’m Moe, the founder of DIJIMOE. Our core belief is that every business, big or small, should be able to easily utilise the power of their own data to make informed decisions.

We are not here to complicate, in fact we are here to simplify. As your trusted data partner, our commitment is to work alongside you, removing complexities, and making data work for you. Our transparent and professional approach ensures your success is within reach, minus the hassle of dealing with typical consultancies.”

Our values guide our partnerships

Simplicity and accessibility

We believe in breaking down complex data concepts into simple, actionable insights. This value ensures that our clients can easily understand and utilize data for making informed decisions, without getting lost in technical jargon.

Transparency and partnership

Open communication and collaboration are at the core of our approach. We work closely with clients, sharing progress, challenges, and solutions transparently. This value helps build strong partnerships, fostering trust and alignment toward shared goals.

Innovation and adaptability

We embrace innovative technologies and stay updated with industry trends. This value empowers us to offer cutting edge solutions that adapt to the evolving data landscape, enabling our clients to stay competitive and future ready.

Value driven results

Our focus is on delivering tangible value to our clients' businesses. By aligning our solutions with their specific needs and objectives, we ensure that every step we take contributes to measurable and meaningful results.

Client empowerment

We empower our clients by not only providing solutions but also imparting knowledge. This value ensures that clients have the skills and confidence to continue utilizing data insights to drive their business growth even after our engagement ends.

Ethics and integrity

Upholding the highest ethical standards in data handling and analysis is non-negotiable for us. We prioritize data privacy and security, fostering a foundation of trust with our clients.

Customer centric approach

Our clients' success is our ultimate priority. We tailor our solutions to their unique challenges and goals, ensuring that every recommendation and action is aligned with what's best for their business.


Global reach, local touch

From the vibrant heart of Dubai to the dynamic streets of London, our dual presence empowers us to serve clients worldwide. With a physical footprint in these strategic hubs, we bridge cultures and connect insights, bringing the best of both worlds to your business.

“DIJIMOE helped enhance our understanding of our product. By implementing analytics solutions, they enabled us to gain insights into what was trending and when. Their expertise helped us refine strategies and make more informed decisions.”

Basim Amin

Founder of Batcom

“Through their analytics solutions, DIJIMOE helped us gain a much insight into the trends across different locations and document types. This in turn helped us optimise our services and make more data-driven decisions across the board.”

Rashique Siddique

Founder of Aspire Attestation

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