What is Chentola? Hospitality

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Chentola doesn't limit you by number of products or services. Simply add as little or as many items as you want and let the insights roll in. Breakdowns by category, product type, measurements and many more allow you to get views of exactly how things are performing and unearth trends that would have never have otherwise been possible.

Product Insights

Look beyond the 'birds eye view' that comes with most analytics tools and dig deeper into your products. Whilst you probably have a good idea of what your best sellers are, your data could be holding onto some valuable insights about products and trends that you wouldn't have otherwise known. Chentola will make sure you are aware of every hidden insight at all times.

Reports & Dashboards

Having the data is only the start, you need a way to actually view it in a way that makes sense and tells a story. That's where reports and dashboards come in, and Chentola will provide you with a bespoke set of reporting and dashboarding capabilities to suit your business. Visualise your data your way, and see what means most to you without having to fish for the data through thousands of rows in an excel spreadsheet, let Chentola do the heavy lifting for you.

Breakage & Refunds

No stone is left unturned, and that's why Chentola comes with specific reports and visualisations to help you analyse your breakages and refunds like a pro. Profits are limited by breakages and refunds so it is critical to understand where it is coming from so you can stop it before it reaches a level that is detrimental to your business. Let Chentola help you put a stop to any leaks in your profits.


Products & Services

Savings on Losses

Clients and Counting

Reports & Dashboards

Get in touch today to find out how Chentola can help you make more money from your best products and services, and just as importantly save money on any breakages you might have.



From pubs and bars, to restaurants and hotels, the hospitality industry is perfectly suited to benefit from Chentola's many features.



Whatever your retail store sells, Chentola analytics can help you optimise your sales process to ensure you are making the most from your products.



Supermarkets have hundreds of products to manage, keeping track of what is performing is made easier by using Chentola to track everything.

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At Dijimoe we focus on the best solution for you as a business, by providing bespoke solutions whatever that looks like. Transparency, trust and integrity are key to our success as well as yours.

How does data help?

The world is going digital, and with that so is data. This means there is an unlimited amount of insights available to every business, we help unlock that potential to aid your decisions.

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We do marketing for the following platforms:

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We help design all sorts of assets, from company logos, to brand identities. There is very little we can't help with so get in touch and start your digital transformation journey with Dijimoe today.

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