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Whatever your data requirements are, we can help set you up with the best data analytics tools and services for your business. Wherever your data is stored, we will ensure it is prepared and formatted appropriately. Find out more about what data analytics services DIJIMOE can help you with below, or fill out our contact form with details on your project and we will be in touch.

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Find out more about our data analytics services

We offer a range of services in data analytics. From analysing data in a database, to implementing tracking on your website, DIJIMOE can help with all your data requirements.


Wherever your data is stored, whatever format it is in, we can make sense of it by tranforming and manipulating the data in a way that we are able to extract the relevant insights for your business.

Web Analytics

Your website is your shop front, no matter what you sell. Make sure you have the necessary tracking in place to best understand what your users are doing on your website, from user journeys to A/B testing.


Whether it’s an email campaign or a social media ad, analysing and optimising performance can save time. andmoney to maximise ROI. Data can provide the insights needed to achieve your goals.


Data can help optimise every aspect of your business operations from Sales to HR. The key to being efficient is having the right reporting tools in place to keep you informed of trends and insights.


In order to stay on top. ofyour data, you need to have dashboards that allow you and your team to explore your data points for yourselves. Every perspective becomes a valuable asset to your business.


When you have your data pipeline, the next step is to begin automating processes and workflows. Data analytics will help you optimise and implement the necessary automation for you.

How it Works

1. Book a free initial consultation

Book a no commitment free consultation where we will discuss your data analytics requirements and understand what the best solution for your business is.

2. Receive your project proposal

If all goes well and you want to go ahead, we will send over a project proposal with details on what needs to be done, scope of the project and all the deliverables.

3. Onboard with DIJIMOE

We will onboard you onto our platform where we track all the work being done, and have a channel open for us to keep a 2 way communication open at all times.

4. Let the data analytics begin

We can then get started analyising the data and drawing out those useful insights for you to use as soon as possible.

Analytics FAQ's

What kind of data can be analysed?


Any data can be analysed regardless of its format or whereabouts. Whether it's in a spreadsheet, stored in a database or even hand written, we can make sure you have the tools and means to analyse your data in the most efficient way possible.

Can I discuss my project before getting started?


Absolutely! We don't believe in aggressive sales methods, and as a result we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project. No sales pitches or 'exclusive' offers, simply a conversation with you to understand what you need and advicse you on the next steps you need to take.

What data sources do you work with?


We work with hundreds of different data sources, some of the most popular are:

  • CSV/Excel
  • Oracle SQL
  • GCP/AWS/Microsoft Azure

Let us know where your data is stored and we will figure out a way to analyse it for you.

How long does a data analytics project last?


There is no one size fits all when it comes to data analytics, projects can take anything from a week up to a year or more. It comes down to what the requirements are and the scope, which is why we offer a free consultation to kick things off without any commitments.

Book a free no commitment discovery call to get started with DIJIMOE. We don't believe in trying to force sales, so we will use this time to try to understand your needs and make the best recommendations possible, whatever that looks like.

If you would rather get in touch directly by email then send one over, otherwise fill in the form and we will be in touch to arrange as soon as possible.