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Migrate to GA4 or setup from scratch

With Google set to discontinue Universal Analytics in July 2023, it is more important than ever to get GA4 setup correctly.

Existing data will not be accessible so you will need GA4 setup as soon as possible to avoid complete loss of trends and behaviours on your website.

Get in touch today for a free setup of GA4. We can also provide support on migrating existing tracking such as custom events.

What is GA4?

GA4 stands for "Google Analytics 4". It is the latest version of Google's web analytics platform that helps website owners and digital marketers understand how users interact with their website or mobile app.

What's the difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics?

GA4 is different from its predecessor, Universal Analytics, in a few ways. Firstly, it uses a new data model that allows for more flexible tracking of user behavior across different devices and platforms. Secondly, it includes new features such as enhanced data visualization, machine learning-powered insights, and more granular data controls. Lastly, GA4 requires a new implementation and data collection method, so existing Universal Analytics properties cannot be upgraded to GA4.

Overall, GA4 is designed to provide a more comprehensive and insightful view of user behavior across the entire customer journey, helping website owners and marketers make better decisions about their digital strategy.

When will Google shut down Universal Analytics?

Google plans on shutting down Universal Analytics on July 1st 2023.

You can read more about it here.

What will happen to my existing data?

You will have 6 months to continue accessing the data after the deadline. Then you will no longer be able to access reports and data from your universal analytics property.

This is why it is important to get GA4 setup as soon as possible to avoid a loss in data.

What is the free service on offer?

We will help get you setup with GA4 absolutely FREE. We also include some extra custom events such as links, social clicks and scroll tracking.

What about my existing data?

Whilst you cannot migrate your existing data, you can export your reports so that you can still analyse data in the future.

Can you migrate custom events?

The new data model makes it complicated to migrate custom events directly. Instead you can create new events with parameters to track as many custom variables as you need.

Universal Analytics only allowed Category, Action and Label whereas the new structure will allow you to include more data in your custom events. We can help with setting up custom events, let us know when you book your free initial setup.

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